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There are FOUR coaching services available from the ELAINE SIHERA CONSULTANCY outlined below:

1. ASK ELAINE any question
2. TELEPHONE Crisis Service

3. FACE-to-FACE Coaching Consultation
4. EXCLUSIVE Personal Adviser

These are designed to facilitate resolution of personal dilemmas, enhance professional achievement, and develop professional and management skills.

Clients are assured of a very professional and sensitive interaction. Please note that all fees also carry Value Added Tax (VAT):


Are you anxious, worried, or concerned about a personal or professional issue? Need to resolve a tricky dilemma? Or require a second opinion? Or maybe you just need more knowledge and understanding around a specific subject?

You can ASK ELAINE a question relating to her expert topics (like emotional health, confidence, dating & relationships, work and career issues, ageing, parenting, and diversity management)

OR any question on a general topic that will be researched for you, with a maximum of 600 words for any research response.

TO ASK ELAINE A QUESTION on any of her stated topics, please complete the info request form below, and SUBMIT it with the required fee.

(ALL fields MUST be completed.)

Your Gender:

Your Age:

Your Country:

Your Email:


To ensure your question is answered, please SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT ($7.50) via the link below.

ASK A RESEARCH QUESTION on any topic you need help with
(ALL fields MUST be completed.)

Your Gender:

Your Age:

Your Country:

Your Email:


To ensure your question is answered, please SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT ($22) via the link below.

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Single TELEPHONE Crisis Session:

URGENT phone chats are available for dealing with any pressing issues for which the Client might seek urgent answers.There is no background work, and no follow up.

This coaching service is mainly for exploration of an issue, and assisting the Client to find a solution or direction. It is most useful for difficult dilemmas – like job interviews, relationship problems, interaction difficulties or any crisis - and is entirely geared to Client need without any formal suggestions or structure.

Booking: These single sessions can be booked at any time, with the content dictated by the situation. Please EMAIL US to request a call, OR use the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM at the bottom of the page. The actual call requires a minimum of TWO days' notice for booking.


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Personal Consultation:

This meeting is arranged on the same basis as the phone calls, to suit the Client’s time and schedule. The fees are higher to incorporate the Coach’s expenses in meeting the client at an agreed venue. For Clients outside of the UK, a SKYPE service is available instead.

Face-to-Face consultation is obviously the best, for a variety of reasons, not least for the quality of the interaction between the Client and the Coach.

ALL fees are paid through PAYPAL or bank transfer, on presentation of an INVOICE at an agreed time.


ELAINE SIHERA is also available to any individual - private or public - who prefers to retain a personal adviser for his or her own exclusive use. The service is available on a contract basis for the duration of at least TWO WEEKS, according to the perceived needs of the Client.

Please EMAIL US to request a consultation, OR use the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM at the bottom of the page.

THANK YOU for choosing the Elaine Sihera Consultancy!

(ALL fields MUST be completed.) OR use the EMAIL button provided on the left.

Your Name:

Your Organisation (if applicable):

Your Email:

Query Type
Please tick the items which apply to you:
Please send me information /fees for a CRISIS PHONE SESSION.
Please send me information/fees for BOTH phone and Face-to-face consultation.
Please send me information/fees for FACE-TO-FACE coaching only.
Please send me information/fees for the EXCLUSIVE personal consultation.


(Photo images used on EmotionalHealthGuide.com courtesy of dreamstime free photos).

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