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Are you with the WRONG Person?


Is your Date or Partner giving problems?

  • How do you feel with the guy or gal you are currently with?

  • Do you often feel uncomfortable and unhappy in their presence?

  • What is the quality of life you are experiencing?

  • Are you being TRUE to yourself and your needs?

  • Could you be in an intimidating or abusive relationship without knowing it?

  • QUIZ Part 1: Test how much this person suits you right now!

    Select one of the answers to each item as it currently applies to you.

    The man/woman I am with usually:

    1. Glares at me and intimidates me.
    2. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    3. Shouts at me and bullies me.
    4. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    5. Sulks a lot.
    6. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    7. Calls me derogatory names, often as a 'joke'.
    8. Regularly.

    9. Finds fault with my appearance. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    10. Criticises everything I do.
    11. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

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    12. Discourages me from my friends/family contacts.
    13. Regularly
      Hardly ever

    14. Does not appreciate or encourage my opinions.
    15. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    16. Resents my salary/work.
    17. All the time.
      Hardly ever

    18. Blames me for everything.
    19. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    20. Expects sex/intimacy on demand to suit him/herself.
    21. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    22. Does not admit when she/he is wrong.
    23. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    24. Expects me to cook/do housework.
    25. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    26. Is reluctant to spend money on dates or on me.
    27. Regularly.

    28. Has a controlling tendency towards me. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    29. Drinks a lot and/or takes drugs etc.
    30. All the time.
      Hardly ever

    31. Smokes and stresses.
    32. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    33. Threatens or wheedles me to get his/her own way.
    34. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    35. tends to be erratic and inconsistent.
    36. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    37. Is insecure, jealous and possessive.
    38. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    39. Does not allow for my mistakes.
    40. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    41. Smashes stuff up when he's angry.
    42. Regularly.

    43. Resorts to violence to express his anger. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    44. Flirts with my friends/relatives/anyone he likes.
    45. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    46. Shows me little respect.
    47. Regularly
      Hardly ever

    48. Expects me to be responsible for his/her welbeing.
    49. Regularly.
      Hardly ever

    THANK YOU. Please complete the details requested (for research), and click the SEND FORM button. Your score will be sent to you shortly.

    Gender and Age:

    The Sihera Emotional Health Guide
    is a FREE website for your information and enjoyment.
    Please help it to continue.

    For the best result, match it up with the Part 2 Quiz HERE. The results for BOTH quizzes MUST be on opposite levels to be accurate. For example, if the person scored on the top level in the Mr/Miss RIGHT quiz, then they would score on the bottom level in this quiz.

    65-78: This person is a systematic abuser with very few redeeming features, except in the loving/blind eyes of his/her potential victim. He/she would have very low self esteem and confidence which makes them take out their frustrations on others, usually those nearest and dearest. This is a one way relationship to eventual destruction. You really need to part company briskly!

    49-64: This person has some redeeming attributes, but he/she is a clear and unambiguous verbal/physical abuser who will only get worse with every action. Most often they will be emotionally abusing through intimidation and blame. Not a good place to be. What more evidence do you need? It could be very costly finding it out!

    31-48: This person is caring one moment, but uncaring the next, given the opportunity. This insecure individual will live in denial about his/her abuse, often making excuses for their outbursts, while continuing to repeat them as often as they can. It is not that they do not care. They simply live in denial about how much they care and feel better in themselves using others as scapegoats when things don't go to plan.

    15-30: There are some selfish actions, but this person is mainly loving and supportive. With nurturing, lots of reinforcement of positive actions, and education, this negative tendency could be gradually extinguished.

    0-14: This is likely to be Mr or Ms Right, but you need to take Part 2 of this quiz (Have you found Mr/Ms RIGHT), to get a more accurate picture. He/she is a very caring and supportive person, who is sometimes unsure of him/herself and might mask this with bravado or shyness. But definitely a date or partner worth having.

    What should I do if my score is not as expected?

  • If you scored MORE THAN 30, you would find one of our personalised Coaching Services very useful! MORE THAN 49 and you definitely need some coaching!

  • You could BUY a related ARTICLE.

  • You might find the Confidence Guide website of some value.

  • (Photo images used on EmotionalHealthGuide.com courtesy of dreamstime free photos).